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Official Blogue

Communication sessions from the 16th to 26th of March

Trimaran “Energy Diet” is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. The crew members communicate on the voyage daily routine sending their coordinates once a day.
  • 26-03-2011

Situation is rotten, but it’s under control

 Evgenii Kovalevsky has just called to press center of the voyage “Across the oceans with Energy Diet”. He told us that central gondola (outrigger) of the trimaran had been “punched out”, and forward part of the vessel started gradually sinking in the water.

  • 15-03-2011

It took an hour to seal off a breach

 The crew members fixed the central hull. Now, the travelers are in no danger. The trimaran has sailed ⅔ of its voyage across the Atlantic, today.

  • 15-03-2011

Communication sessions: 9th to 11th of March


Trimaran “Energy Diet” is crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Once a day, crew members communicate with the press center to tell us about the news, and to provide us with their coordinates.


  • 12-03-2011

The trouble maker is identified!


With the help of Russian researchers, who are studying the ocean, the fish, damaging the trimaran, has been identified. Zhanna Kovalevskaya, a researcher and teacher from Tomsk, connected with her colleagues from the Russian Geographical Society, who helped her come in contact with experts.


  • 07-03-2011

The trimaran was “attacked” one more time


Late in the evening, Evgenii Kovalevsky called to the press center of the voyage. He told us that they discovered more bite marks on the central gondola (outrigger) of the trimaran.


  • 05-03-2011

The travelers repaired the “bitten” gondolas of the trimaran

Anatoly Kulik, captain of the trimaran “Energy Diet” shared good news with us. The damaged (and most probably bitten) gondolas of the trimaran were at last repaired following incredible efforts of the crew members, who were working in ice-cold water for three hours.

  • 04-03-2011

Unknown Underwater Object attacks the trimaran

Two of the three gondolas of the trimaran were bitten by unknown fish.

  • 03-03-2011

“We’ve started!” - Evgenii Kovalevsky

Sailing across the Atlantics has started. Evgenii Kovalevsky called us from board the trimaran “Energy Diet” to share this good news with all of us.

  • 25-02-2011

Press Hand-outs – Starting for Brazil

Press Conference held on 23 February 2011 at Walvis Bay Yacht Club, Namibia.

  • 24-02-2011
“Across the oceans with Energy Diet” is the third stage of the voyage round the world accomplished by the crew headed by Anatoly Kulik. There is no precedent for this. For the first time in history of sea navigation, the Atlantic Ocean will be crossed on knock-down inflatable sailing trimaran.
Crew members
Anatoly Kulik
Evgenii Kovalevsky
Yurii Masloboyev
Evgenii Tashkin
Project sponsor
Trade mark Energy Diet (“NL Continent” Ltd is the management company of NL International in Russia and former Soviet republics.)